Web-based cross-platform file sharing website:
With a small room, share files freely!

File transfer can only be a single file?

With the express station, it is easy to temporarily store multiple files.

File size limit?

There is currently no limit, but please do not feed too much data to the server in a short time, it may not be able to hold it.

Too troublesome to log in to your account?

The express station ID is short and easy to remember, and a random number can also be used as the name; the administrator password is used to manage files, and the entry password is used for visitors to enter.

Sometimes you just want to send text?

The express station has its own chat function, which can send text.

What is the limit on the use time of the courier station?

The express station truck has the power of one battery. The default battery life is 7 days. When the battery is exhausted, the entire express station will be automatically destroyed by the system.


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